Wednesday 25 April 2007

Perfect Pembrokeshire

We were told that Pembrokeshire was beautiful – and it is, stunningly beautiful. We were captivated, and ask ourselves why we’ve not discovered it before now? We were camping in our motorhome on Shortlands Farm - a Caravan Club Certificated Location at Druidston Haven, above St Bride’s Bay, and we explored the area within a 12 mile radius of the hamlet.

We wanted to learn more about this ancient land and discovered that the Pembroke peninsula is a tribute to the force of nature. This plateau is over 200 ft high, which extreme movements of the earth has shaped into folds, smoothed by ice and cut by rivers. Over 500 million years ago, volcanoes erupting created hard rocks which have stood up to erosion, and which can be seen in the isolated hills on the St David’s peninsula and the Preseli Mountains. To the south, caves, arches and blow-holes have been carved out of the limestone by the sea.

The sea makes this coastal area a wonderful place for wildlife – sea birds on the cliffs, grey seals breed in early autumn in remote caves, and we spotted porpoises near Marloes, whilst taking in the views from the Coastal Path.

This stunning, gently undulating footpath is nearly 170 miles long, and follows the coast almost all the way round Pembrokeshire. Visitors do not have to do it all in one go, as there are many walks from points where the road meets the path, with plenty of car parks dotted about.

We walked to Broad Haven one way, and to Newgale the other, both extremely picturesque walks, but without doubt, one of the most beautiful walks we have ever done was a circular walk from the car park at Whitesands Bay, and around St David’s Head – about 3.5 miles. The area is steeped in legend with evidence of ancient civilisations dotted around. Every inch of the walk provides stunning views – we did not want this walk to end and will remember it forever.

We only explored a tiny corner of this truly wonderful county, but will be back to discover more in future holidays.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed south pembrokeshire. Try north pembrokeshire next time. It is even more beautiful

1 August 2007 at 20:30  

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