Monday 5 January 2009

Motorhome Tour 2008 - Canals, Cities and Rivers

Our Scottish Island Hopping Tour last September was planned with meticulous attention to detail. It had to be, to fit in everything we wanted to see, and ensure we caught the right ferry on the right day to the right island.

This year we did something we've never done before - set off without a plan of what we were doing or where we were going. Eeck - that's what happens when you leave planning to the male half of AvailablePitch! "But we DO have a plan - we're doing the South East this year - Brighton, Kent, around there ............." Right, that's OK then.

As for many UK holidaymakers in 2008, the weather wasn't the best. And heading south seemed to make sense given the weather forecast. Mind you, not sure why we took any notice because they never seem to get it right. Prevailing weather was cloud, and whilst parts of the UK had floods, we avoided the worst of the bad weather, it was just soooo gloomy all the time.

Anyway, we ended up travelling down via Oxfordshire and Berkshire, passing through the South Downs, then West and East Sussex, round through Kent and back up north via Cambridgeshire. We stopped off as we wished, stayed as long or short as we wanted, using and the Camping and Caravanning Club's online availability to find a campsites with vacancies for the night(s) we wanted. And it actually worked very well! The next few blogs will cover our travels, where we stayed and what we did. Out first stop was at Twilite Leisure Park Banbury, Oxfordshire.............

Image Above: Twilite Leisure Park, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Copyright 2008



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