Sunday 21 March 2010

Broglie to Gandspette - and home


Broglie to Gandspette - 192 miles

At the Aire there was a notice board with English instructions detailing everything necessary including, how to pay, how much and that the gate would be locked at night with a contact number if you needed to leave. The pitches were hard standing with huge grass spaces in between.

On Aires you are not supposed to “camp”, ie get tables chairs, bar-b-ques etc out. However, on arrival, there was one other van there, a Dutch couple and they were well and truly camped out. So we did the same, it was too nice a night to be inside. We walked into the town, visited the bar and located the bread shop for next morning. Later, whilst cooking our evening meal outside, a man came round and collected the 5 Euros site fee.

Next day, after breakfast, we headed for a site at Chateau du Gandspette. This was booked through the Caravan Club and after 2 weeks in France it was a little bit of a culture shock. It was just like being back at home! We were placed in a nice area with two 'vans to a hedged off area but everyone was English. The site was only about 20 miles from Dunkirk so many people were doing the same as us, first or last stop.

The facilities were of a good standard, swimming pool, play areas, all you could need, and yes a van in the morning selling fresh bread at the gate.

At all of the sites we checked the polarity. All had been fine until the last one, the Caravan Club booked site was the only one with reverse polarity, but we had Mr Snail’s extra lead so all was well.

The next day, with sad hearts, we were off to the ferry port to return to England. But we returned home safe and with no harm come to us or our property, so all my planning had worked. We had been adventurous and not booked anything and even tried an Aire de Camping Car. All in all we felt pretty pleased with ourselves and cannot wait to go again, because as people who have been lots of times tell us “it is easy” - and it truely was!

Our totals were:
17 days away: 1655 miles; £129 on tolls; 269 litres of diesel = £215; Average 28 mpg

Above image: Aire de Brogolie

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