Friday 27 March 2009

Tour 2008 - Brighton, East Sussex

The Brighton Caravan Club site is your stereo-typical, predictable Caravan Club clone. Tucked away in a valley a short distance from Brighton, the site is at the top of a long winding approach road and located in a sheltered valley, which was fortunate given the stormy weather brewing up. To get the best views, we headed for the top tier, which, whilst the furthest away from the toilet block (and hence the least popular) afforded the best views. Despite torrential rain and gale force winds, the grass pitch was free draining and remained solid enough for us to move on easily.

The bright lights of Brighton are a good 30 - 40 minute walk away, however, a 10 minute walk down hill (15 mins back up) takes you down to Brighton Marina with it’s complex of shops, restaurants, bars, petrol station and an Asda Supermarket. There is plenty of outside parking for motorhomes as well as inside parking in a multi-storey for smaller vehicles.

From the Marina, access to the centre of Brighton is easy on the Volk Electric Railway which trundles frequently between the city centre and the marina for a small return fare. The weather was unseasonal for early September - very windy, extremely heavy churning sea and cold enough for scarfs and hats. There were lots of hardy people around grimly enjoying the sea air whilst Lifeguards sheltered under incongruous red and yellow sun shades, clinging determinedly onto them to stop them blowing away.

Once you get off the electric train, there are lots of interesting little shops and stalls tucked away under the promenade. Another interesting area to grub around is The Laines, with its mix of hippy, craft, ethnic and gift shops. We found the more famous “Lanes” to be mainly jewellery shops.

Despite the atrocious weather, the site filled up on Saturday night, but there was still a large choice of pitches when we left on Sunday morning, heading towards Pevensey……..

Image Above: Brighton Caravan Club Site in the pleasant summer weather of 2008. Copyright 2009



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