Sunday 12 April 2009

Tour 2008 - The things you see on campsites .....

What other campers get up to on camp sites never ceases to amaze and amuse, and can provide an ongoing source of entertainment and amusement if you keep your eyes open

Picture the scene: Brighton Caravan Club Site, early evening in September (see previous blog), gale force winds and persistent torrential rain. Not a time to be outside.

A large motorhome drives slowly up the access road to the very top tier of the site. On the roof is a HUGE satellite dish set at an unusually jaunty angle. What’s happening here? Has he travelled here like that, or is just he moving from a lower pitch in search of a good signal?

Dusk is falling now, we don’t switch the motorhome lights on, so they can’t see us watching. Motorhome slowly pulls into the empty pitch opposite. With the engine still running, the Heki roof-light is flung open, (it’s pouring with rain and a howling gale, remember,) the driver exits the cab, jacket-less, walks to the back of the ‘van and climbs onto motorhome roof via the ladder at the back (the roof must have been like a skating rink) and shouts instructions down through the open sunroof to the poor unfortunate occupant inside. What these instruction were we will never know. After 10 minutes of rain, roof and shouted instructions, roof-light is closed, ladder is descended and, with the engine still running, said motorhome drives slowly off in search of - ?? Another pitch with a better signal? Another campsite where no-one is watching??

What’s wrong with a nice game of Scrabble, a good book or even, if all else fails, having a conversation with each other?

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Anonymous Caravans said...

Unfortunately some people just won't miss Eastenders, it's a shame really.

14 April 2009 at 09:29  

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