Sunday 30 August 2009

Handyman makes own caravan

The following article was spotted in the local free paper recently. Amazing what some people get up to in their spare time:

King of the road: A handyman who was made redundant three months ago has used his skills to build himself a caravan. Chris Hart, 52, decided to use his free time productively and made a one-man holiday home from an old trailer.

Mr Hart, of West Hallam, said he would now be able to treat himself to a cheap break. He said: " I taught myself what I needed as I went along."

The caravan is made from aluminium, polystyrene and plywood and features a bed, fully-plumbed sink and a flat-screen TV.

Mr Hart plans to use it to enjoy the summer on a trip down to Cornwall.

To see a picture of the 'van, click on the link below:



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