Monday 25 January 2010

Ile de Ré to Broglie – starting the journey home


Ile de Ré to Brogolie - 273 miles

Sadly the departure day from Ile de Ré came all too soon. The sun was shining bright and we did not want to leave. However, leave we must, and we did the usual supermarket and fuel stop at the start of our onward journey.

Our trusty Vicarious book listed an Aire de Camping car in Broglie, a village just off the motorway so we headed for this - our first night homeward bound.

An interesting situation arose as we entered one town. Mr Snail was driving slowly due to road works. Being unsure of the speed limit, he slowed to 30 mph. Unimpressed, the car driver behind overtook us in an impatient French way. Silly man. As he pulled in front of us there was a group of people on the pavement clad in dark blue clothing. (French Police are not as obliging as our’s and don’t wear high visibility jackets.) Our first French Police and yes! they had a speed camera and yes! Mr Impatient got pulled over! That taught him. So Mr Snail acting like his nickname saved us a fine. (Just for the record, he always rode his motorbike at the back of the group and the rest of us had to wait for him, hence the nickname Snail – so now you know).

The sat nav was programmed for the Aire at Broglie and we arrived in the village all right. At a T junction with a large church in front, Mr Snail followed the sat nav directions and went straight across. It looked too narrow for our 'van to me. A man dashed out of his house, waving his arms and shouting in unintelligible French. Clearly it was not suitable for us, and we weren’t the first motorhome to attempt it. An articulate French lady explained we had to turn around and take the 2nd left. We followed instructions, found the Aire and for our first ever Aire it was perfect……

Above image: Bridge to Ile de Ré

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