Monday 4 October 2010

Motorhome, Memory Foam and Restful Nights

Our motorhome does not have a fixed bed - we deliberately chose the flexibility of a U-shaped lounge which converts into a double bed. However, after the first couple of seasons, it was clear that the foam for seating just doesn't do it for sleeping.

What to do? Waking up with a stiff, sore back, which eased during the day, only to return the following morning was no fun. Should we have the foam re-done in the seats? Too expensive. Should we look for a motorhome with a fixed bed? Way way waaaaay too expensive, and anyway, we love our wonderful motorhome. No, there had to be an easy solution........ didn't there?

Then one evening the male half of AvailablePitch came in obscured by a large cylindrical parcel. "Here Gert" (he has his foibles) "try this". Inside was a Dunelm Mill Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Hmmm, might just work? Looked pretty large though, and was quite heavy, and where would it live during the day? Could we take it back if it didn't suit - of course, "as long as you've not slept on it".

The first night's sleep on the memory foam mattress was SHEER BLISS.  We slept straight through without fidgeting, shuffling or moaning.  But where to store it?  No problem, it rolls up quite tightly, supported by a couple of hand-made elastic straps, and goes up on top of the mezzanine (aka the Luton). Yes, it is a little heavy and bulky, but what's that compared to a GREAT night's sleep?

The mattress come with a removeable, washable cover (although it's the devil's own work to get the damned thing back in) and starts from around £50, depending on the size and thickness desired.

So before you think about having your seats re-upholstered or changing your 'van give it a go - it worked for us. Now, where's the cocoa?

Photograph courtesy of Dunelm Mill.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear that memory foam mattresses and toppers are helping you sleep well as it means you'll have more energy during the day to enjoy your holiday!

24 August 2011 at 13:53  

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