Friday 17 June 2011

The tent that thinks it's a campervan

Spotted in the Daily Mail recently:

Roll out the sleeping bags - the camping season is upon us.  But whether you are planning a budget family holiday or braving the muddy fields of Glastonbury, you'll need a roof over your head.  And this one seems perfect - the 1965 Volkswagon Camper Van beloved of hippies, classic car enthusiasts and cool campers.  But appearances are deceptive for, in fact, it's a tent disguised as the iconic van.  It sleeps four adults in two zip-separated rooms, which are probably more comfortable than bedding down in the real thing.

And then there's the price.  Whilst a reconditioned original VW camper can cost £20,000 plus, the tent is a mere snip at £299.000.  And it won't break down.

Photograph courtesy of the Daily Mail



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