Thursday 29 September 2011

New, Improved, Better than Ever Hayfield Camping & Caravanning Club Site

We REALLY liked Hayfield Camping and Caravanning Club site as it was before it was "upgraded" over the winter of 2010/11: basic but functional and unspoilt.  So it was with some trepidation that we drove down the approach road in mid July.  Joan, one of the delightful and friendly wardens had pre-warned us over the phone that it "looks very different", however, we had absolutely no need to worry - phew!

What the C&CC have done is some essential upgrades, without spoiling the character of the place. 

So in has gone a tarmac road, approximately 25 hard standing pitches around the edge of the field, all with electric hook-up and hook-ups added to some of the grass pitches in the left hand field.  A shiny new log cabin situated at the entrance now houses Reception and the Shop (called Joan's Emporium) which sells those essential items you need to survive at Hayfield like mosquito coils, incence, Skin So Soft, itch cream and ice cream.  She also does a wicked line in tinned foods of all shapes and varieties and fresh milk, bread, eggs and bacon are usually available.  Newspapers can be ordered in advance, with just a 5p delivery charge. 

As it turned out, we were profoundly grateful for hook-up that particular week, because the weather turned extremely cold and we had a month's worth of rain fall on the campsite in just 3 days.  So the oil heater was on most of the time, as was the kettle, in order to keep warm.

Now on the top of each of the hook-up pillars there is a bright light which comes on at dusk.  This means there is more light pollution on site, which may affect people sleeping in pop-up tents next to motorhomes, if it is adjacent to one of these pillars.  We discovered this when friends joined us in a pop-up tent because we had to book a tent pitch opposite so they could get to sleep.

The right hand field, which is for tents and Duke of Edinburgh peeps, remains unchanged, but with the addition last year of a campers cabin for eating, and drying clothes in the mainly inclement weather Hayfield enjoys 364 days of the year.

For those people who were hoping for an upgraded toilet block, sorry, that's not happened yet, so in the ladies you still have the weirdly low toilets which are as a result of a new floor going in whilst leaving the toilets in situ - as you do. However, the toilet and shower block is clean, warm and spacious and perfectly adequate.   Nor is there a laundry yet, which is a pity as it's the type of campsite where you get thoroughly muddy from hiking up Kinder Scout for the day(particularly if you are a Duke of Edinburgh person) or mountain biking in the area.  We understand, however, there may be plans to put a laundry in to the old Reception area, which would be a welcome addition to the facilities.

So the Hayfield site we love so much, is even better than it was before. And other people must think so too, because the weekend that the schools broke up, it was almost full to capacity.  Mind you, the sun had FINALLY come out by then - hooray!  So if you are thinking of going to Hayfield this summer, it may be advisable to book in advance.



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