Friday 24 February 2012

How relevant is mobile marketing to YOUR small business?

The following bulletpoints are a summary of the keypoints from a workshop run by the eBusiness Club, who provide free seminars and workshops on social media, SEO, email marketing, PPC and much more to small businesses in the East Midlands.

  • How important are your smartphone and tablet to you? Wouldn't be without it? Quite. We use our mobiles for everything
  • A mobile device is not JUST a Smartphone - think i-Pad, other tablets, Kindle and notebooks
  • You cannot ignore mobile access. Smartphones are now more numerous than PCs
  • Mobile web adoption is happening 8 times faster than it did originally on the PC
  • 3 out of 4 tablets sold today are i-Pads. Popular for both individuals and businesses, i-Pads are radically changing the way we use computers
  • Right now, there are whole sections of the community who cannot be reached by PC, only on mobile
  • By 2015, 65% of all internet access will be from mobile devices (source Mary Meeker)
  • Consumer research by Orange reveals that more men use mobiles to surf than women
  • The top 3 uses for i-Pad / tablet are: Gaming, Search and Email
  • Stunningly, 95% of websites don't work properly on mobile devices. Is your website optimised for mobile??
  • Use Google Analytics to tell you how many people are visiting your website on a mobile device. If they find it difficult to read, they may never return
  • Mind blowing statistic - "More than half of all mobile users have no specific purpose in mind while surfing"
  • Over 20% of email is now read on mobile, with desktop such as MS Outlook losing users. Click through MUST be to mobile content
  • Content which works best on a mobile are news, blogs, updates, social media, offers/vouchers/coupons, search, games and gadgets, lists and favourites
  • QR Codes are a way of turning a bit of paper into a website. Create your own at
  • More and more people now purchase goods on their mobile. Check out Amazon and eBay on your mobile to see how extremely well they do this
  • Be aware, many web-designers don't understand mobile websites. Ask for examples of their work and view it on your mobile to test what it looks like
  • Mobile marketing gives you a whole new box of toys to play with. Most of your competitors are not using these toys, so play away and get ahead of your competitors, now!
All above facts and statistics are courtesy of the  eBusiness Club, February 2012



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