Wednesday 13 February 2013

Sofa brings the campsite indoors

How many of you are missing camping at this time of year?  Us too -  it's just a little cold for us at the moment.  However, you can now recreate that campsite ambience quite easily at home with this camping-inspired sofa bed from Austria designer Stephanie Hornig

My latest project Camp was — probably like every graduation project — very personal. In the last year I travelled a lot, and I missed the feeling of home when I arrived in these empty rooms. I began to compare the life of a modern nomad with camping; it’s the feeling of simplicity and independence when we’re outside in nature that inspired me. The pieces are reminiscent of the outdoor world and retain their functional character, but are frozen in their movement: a sleeping bag on legs, a torch in a power strip made of stone, and an umbrella stand with a large tabletop. Each of the three objects show a different aspect of camping and are collages of material, function, and form — the elements are translated directly to visualize their autonomy and lightness clearly".

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