Tuesday 7 May 2013

Ferry Meadows Caravan Club Site, Peterborough

We'd heard many excellent reports about Ferry Meadows Caravan Club site from several of our friends, but had never been tempted.  Peterborough, nice as it is, just didn't appeal.  How wrong we were.

The Caravan Club seem to have the knack of placing Club Sites in places you probably wouldn't otherwise visit, which means you explore places not normally on your radar.  Ferry Meadows, for us,  is one such site.

To start with, it's a huge site - nearly three hundred pitches over two different sites, East and West. It is cut in two by the road into Ferry Meadows Country Park. Having driven round the West side, which is mainly hard standing, we eventually ended up in the East side, which is more meadow, less regimented and felt more spacious. 

I say eventually, because we sat ages at the barrier into the East side, wondering whether the wardens back at Reception a few hundred metres back, would spot us on CCTV, or whether we had to go back to Reception and ask for an access card.  After a few barked instructions to me from Mr AP, along the lines of "sort it please", the barrier went up, allowing Mr AP to drive smartly through, with me playing catch up behind on foot.  

Now we were there at May Day Bank holiday weekend, and for the first time in months, or maybe years, the sun was shining and it was warm and sunny the whole extended weekend. 

That meant the site was extremely busy for the whole weekend.  More about this in the next blog . . . . . .

Above photo: Ferry Meadows Caravan Club Site, East side view.  May 2013
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