Friday 17 August 2007

2007 Northern Motorhome Show, 20 - 23 September

A must-attend event in the AvailablePitch calendar is the Northern Motorcaravan Show, or York Motorhome Show, York Racecourse. We meet up with old friends, make new ones, have a jolly good nose around as many motorhomes as we can, and pick up loads of end-of season deals. Most of our accessories, gadgets and camping paraphernalia have come from York Show. We do love a bargain!

Most years the weather is wonderful, however, 2005 saw very heavy rain the week before. On arrival, we made it to our pitch by keeping rolling, however there were some not-so-lucky motorhomes being towed around the site - how embarassing. So when it rained again last year, we were concerned about getting onto the racecourse, however, there were brilliant portable metal roadways which ensured easy passage to the pitch, so no worries this year, whatever the weather has in store.

The sight of hundreds of rows of thousands of motorhomes, with the odd caravan or trailer tent tent slotted in as you drive into the Racecourse never ceases to amaze us – millions of pounds worth of kit all in one place.

Showers, toilets, fresh and waste water, and rubbish facilities are dotted at regular intervals on the rally fields but don’t let yourself be pitched near these facilities, or you will be disturbed by loud generators 24/7.

Book in advance for a trouble-free arrival, and the friendly marshalls will cheerily wave you straight through to your rectangle of grass for the weekend. Pre-booking closes on Monday 3rd September 2007. We think the best rally area is with the Camping and Caravan Club – it’s centrally located and just a short walk across to the entrance gate – less far to stagger with your many purchases. To camp with friends, you need to arrive together, as pitches cannot be saved. Oh, and look for a landmark to help you find your way back to your motorhome. We pick out a unit nearby sporting an unusual collection of flags.

Dogs are welcome (as long as you do the usual) and exercising them on the racecourse itself makes for an unusual experience. If you are there for the weekend, you have to wear a paper bracelet (like in hospital, but not as tough), which is not replaceable if you tear or lose it – which makes for interesting ablutions! So putting a role of sticky tape on board is a good idea in case of emergency repairs.

We’ll be wearing our AvailablePitch teeshirts, so if you see us, give us a wave. See you there!



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