Thursday 27 December 2007

Islay to Kintyre - The Journey Home Begins

A word of warning at this point about the importance of re-
confirming ferry bookings. Our departure plans from Islay back to Kintyre Peninsula were changed by a text message the day before from CalMac advising that the ferry was departing at 14:00 hours, not 15:30 as booked (luckily, there is a good signal on Islay). A motorhome nearby had not left a contact mobile number, and only discovered by chance from us about the time change. Had he turned up for the 15:30 pm ferry, it would have been long gone, with the next one leaving 48 hours later.

But that’s not all. We got talking to a couple on the ferry back to Kintyre, who should have been going on to Oban, where their car was, but that journey had been cancelled and no onward arrangements were offered to get them back. Luckily, they’d persuaded friends to meet them and drive them the 70 mile trip to Oban!!! Apparantly, CalMac were one ferry down due to pre-winter maintenance, and some services were being changed or cancelled at short notice. Goodness knows what happens to those folks who are not contactable! It’s therefore advisable to make sure the CalMac office has a mobile number, AND that you ring to re-check the ferry well in advance of the return journey.

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