Saturday 17 March 2012

Have you grabbed your Twitter name yet?

Even if you have no intention of tweeting and cannot see the relevance or importance of tweeting for either your business or personal use,  there will probably come a point in the future when you change your mind.  Honestly.  By then, the name of your business or campsite may have been taken, and you will have to choose something which is less memorable or relevant.

The reason we're sharing this is that we've only recently started tweeting at AvailablePitch, however, we've been tweeting for our other business, WhichWay Marketing, for some time now.  We were fortunate that @AvailablePitch was untaken. However, had someone else nabbed it, it's hard to think what alternative username we would have chosen.

We were discussing just this subject with Sue at Upper Hurst Farm, Hartington, Derbyshire recently.  After our conversation, she registered @UpperHurstFarm immediately, sent a few tweets, then went back to getting her campsite ready for opening at Easter.  Her Twitter account is waiting for her when she has more time, and she has got exactly the name she wanted to use for future tweets. 

So for now, it's a good idea to go to and register either the name of your business, campsite or your personal name, then it's yours for when you want to use it in the future. 

This is called "grabbing" your Twitter name and as Sue said, "if I can do it, then anyone can"



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