Sunday 22 April 2012

Camping at Chatsworth for the Christmas Market

Pssst - want inside information into the best way to see Chatsworth Christmas Market?  Then read on .......

The queues to get into Chatsworth Christmas Market in November 2011 stretched back towards Baslow for 4 miles on the Sunday morning.  We know this because we passed them all as we left following our noon check-out from the Chatsworth Caravan Club site.

In fact, the whole area was pretty much grid-locked within a 5 mile radius, for both the weekends that the fair was held, such is the popularity of this relatively new Christmas Market.

And it didn't get any better once you were inside the Chatworth estate either.  We counted over 50 coaches lined up at the top, near the house on Friday afternoon, waiting to collect hundreds of visitors at "turning out time", and there were even more waiting on the Saturday.  The queue of cars snaking through the estate roads was unremitting and cars were being parked in a temporary car park quite a way from the Market.

The secret?  Simply book in at the Caravan Club's Chatsworth site.  But you need to be quick - pitches for the November weekends get booked up very early when the Club releases its forward dates in December each year.

Do this, and to get to the Christmas market is a doddle - with no queues.  What's more, you can go very early or after 4 pm, when the market is much, MUCH quieter. 

From the site, situated in a walled garden, you pass through the secret wooden door into the estate (remember your key to get back in), and then it's a mere 15 minutes walk up the hill to the area where the market is held, just in front of the courtyard.   

We were lucky and got a pitch booked for November 2012 when they were first released earlier this year - so we may see you there ............?

Above Image:  Chatsworth Caravan Club Site November 2011
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