Saturday 2 June 2012

How do you get to Page One on Google? You blog!

Did you know that there is a candle making company, based in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District, who offer a candle refill service? That’s right. No need to look longingly at that gorgeous ex-candle container, wishing it was still full of fragrant natural wax. No need to throw away that lovely empty tumbler, dish or container. And certainly no need to buy a new candle. Just take it into  On a Wick and a Prayer, in their old blacksmith’s forge workshop and showroom in Tissington village, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, and they will refill it for you with their candle refilling service at a much lower price than buying a new one - and with a great big smile to boot from owner Annie Maudling.

Campsites near On a Wick and a Prayer include Woodland Caravan Park, near Ashbourne, Upper Hurst Farm and Callow Top Holiday Park which is located adjacent to the Tissington Trail.

So why exactly am I writing a blog about a candle refill service on a camping website?? Well, I’m proving the point made in the title of this blog. Give the spiders and the bots chance to crawl this blog, and soon, anyone typing “candle refill/ing service” into Google will find this article on the first page. 

Now imagine the impact that can have if you are, in fact, that candle-making company based in Tissington, and have written about your candle filling service on your own blog. And how much would that have cost you?  Exactly.

Footnote:  This blog was posted on 2 June 2012.  Twenty-four hours later, it appeared at position number 4 on the first page of Google for "candle refill service".  Powerful stuff eh?

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