Tuesday 10 July 2012

Camp de Lite - a flamin' brilliant new campfire : AvailablePitch Product Review

As it says on the  Camp de Lite  website: "Flamin’ brilliant ! A portable folding campfire just for fire logs. No mess, no fuss, no marks. Just safe, cosy and warm nights around the campfire – perfect !

And having tested the campfire, we have to whole heartedly agree with this description.

It arrives in a flat box, complete with a complimentary firelog, is assembled in under 2 minutes and you don't even need any instructions, as it is really intuitive.

The Camp de Lite burns only firelogs, which are widely available, starting from 99p.  We bought our supply from the local B and M Stores. 

To light, lay the fire log seam-side up in the Camp de Lite basket and light along it's length in several places.  We found the logs light best in still or a very light breeze, as strong winds will make the log difficult to get ablaze.  

Within a few minutes the log is fully alight and ready to sit around and enjoy the ambiance with some food and a few glasses of wine.

The log burns for around two and a half hours and burns down into a fine ash, which is collected in the ashcan.  A second log can easily be added to continue enjoying the live flames, if desired  The ground underneath the fire is not damaged at all and the fire creates no more flames than a charcoal barbeque, so is safe to use, sensibly and with caution, on a campsite or caravan park.  Of course, children and pets must be kept within a safe distance of the open flames, as with a BBQ. 

The next morning, the cold ashes can be safely tipped into a carrier bag or dustbin for disposal.  The fire framework needs cleaning before packing away - we used some kitchen wipes - and rubber gloves are recommended to protect hands from the soot.  Once clean, the fire can be put in it's original packaging or fits nicely into a large sturdy supermarket carrier bag, ready for use the next time.

Our verdict?  A lightweight, affordable, easy to use portable campfire which is easily transported, and which provides a real focal point and creates a true campsite ambiance.  A real "de-lite" to use.

The Camp De Lite campfire costs £27.99 (as at July 2012) and is available here 

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