Wednesday 22 August 2012

Important message about our photos on Blogger

We've been using Blogger since 2007, posted over 140 posts and uploaded hundreds of photos. It now seems all those images have somehow been lost or deleted by Blogger and replaced by a black square with an exclamation mark in the middle.

It appears, at the moment, that our only option is to painstakingly re-upload all the photos again.   One by one.  Individually.  Luckily we have them all saved on our server. 

So until and unless someone can tell us how we restore our photos, all we can do is work through each blog posting and re-upload the photos.  This will take time, lots and lots of time, time we can't really spare, so please bear with us and meanwhile if ANYONE can help with restoring our photos, please do get in touch.  We've contacted Google but . . . . .




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